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Jennn ♫
25 March 2008 @ 03:01 pm
★ DBSK → 40
★ Super Junior → 46
★ NEWS → 13
★ KAT-TUN → 24
TOTAL → 123

Preview →

DBSKCollapse )

Super JuniorCollapse )

NEWSCollapse )

KAT-TUNCollapse )

→ Prz comment if you take any icons :). Makes me happppyy.
→ Must credit. kabooom_x not kaboom_x
→ No hotlinking. :(
→ Textless icons are not bases !
→ Don't claim these icons are yours. Cus they're not.
→ You mustn't use any of the icons out of livejournal, unless you ask.
→ Enjoyyy ~~

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p.s. Sorry if you hate my x-posting :(.
Jennn ♫
06 August 2007 @ 01:40 am
Alrighttto ~ I downloaded from mofile in Vendy's sitee ~ YAY FOR HER :); So go thank her here. But seriously. Mofile hates me ._.;. It goes at like 20kb/s. LOL. XD. And so this is the documentary thingy that's in Vendy's site. Omg. It's soooooo "KYAAAAAA". LOL. Yamapi is so lovey dovey. Haha XD. Koyama is hilarious. Ryo ish hot. Tegoshi does magic. LOL XD. Shige is Tegoshi's experiment. Lawl. Massu is the er trick master. LOL. I can't describe people. Excuse me xD.
But yeah; the documentary is all about backstage and stuff ^^.
I love their shades. Haha. x].

//I reread what I wrote up there ^^^. I know I sound ghey. XD//

Disk One :)Collapse )
Disk Two :)Collapse )
Extras :)Collapse )

The "Extra" just finished downloading for me; Currently uploading ~ I won't be able to post it up till like tonight or tomorrow. Got schoooooooool T-T;. & I have WIRELESS connection; so let's just hope it won't fail on me when I'm out. XD.
It's up there. Haha XD.

Uhm sorry; ._. I won't be uploading to any other servers; but if someone else does; I'll put the links up.

ETA; Uploaded the documentary to Veoh; Cus feriin requested it~; just go to My Videos :).

You can distribute the links ~ but please link it back to this entry :).
Comments would be loveeeee :].
Jennn ♫
28 June 2007 @ 04:52 pm
I uploaded Waratte Iitomo 6/25/07 onto megaupload megaupload && mediafire :D. So er yeah.

I love Pi's new hair ^^. But it'll be nicer if it was a bit longer D:. Not that I'm hating it. Lol. Anyways. Some caps (: -- I resized them; so don't think it's this size o_o. [UNDER CUT :DDD]